Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance

4-27-05 Full Copy
Cover through Ordinance 180
Table of Contents
Article 1 General Provisions
Article 2 Definitions
Article 3 Sketch Plan Submission
Article 4 Preliminary Plan Submission
Article 5 Final Plan Submission
Article 6 Minor Subdivision & Boundary Line Adjustment Submission
Article 7 Design Standards
Article 8 Mobile Home Park Requirements
Article 9 Improvements Specifications
Article 10 Administration
Appendix A Storm Drainage Runoff Calculation
Appendix B Standard Plan Notations
Appendix C Preliminary Plan Checklist
Appendix D Final Plan Requirements
Appendix E Notice to Landowners within 200 Feet
Appendix F Standards for Improvements Construction

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map
Traffic Circulation Map
Zoning Ordinance – Noise
11-28-01 Amended 3-23-05 & 4-12-06 Full Copy
Cover through Amending Ordinances
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions & Administration
Article II Definitions
Article III Districts
Article IV AG Agricultural District
Article V LDR Low Density Residential District
Article VI MLDR Medium Low Density Residential District
Article VII MDR Medium Density Residential District
Article VIII NC Neighborhood Commercial District
Article IX GC General Commercial District
Article X PIC Planned Industrial Commercial District
Article XI LI Light Industrial Campus District
Article XII GI General Industrial District
Article XIII CR Conservation & Recreation District
Article XIV General Regulations
Article XV Additional Requirements for Specific Uses
Article XVI Environmental Protection
Article XVII Off-Street Parking & Loading
Article XVIII Signs
Article XIX OP Office Park District
Article XX Cluster Development
Appendix A Mixed Use Overlay District Guidelines
Ordinance #244-02-23 Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Light Industrial District
Ordinance #237-01-21 Limited Light Industrial Use Overlay (LLI)
Ordinance #230-11-18 Digital Sign Ordinance
Ordinance #228-09-18 Short-Term Rentals
Ordinance #227-09-18 Commercial Communications
Ordinance #221-05-17 Medical Marijuana
Ordinance #220-08-16 Zoning Map Amendment
Ordinance #219-08-16 Zoning Text Amendment
Ordinance #213-12-14 MDR Setbacks & Street Trees
Ordinance #212-06-14 Floodplain Ordinance
Ordinance #201-03-11 Solar Energy Systems
Ordinance #197-11-09 Outdoor Solid Fuel Burning Appliance

Code of Ordinances

Ordinance #243-11-22 - Monocacy Creek Stormwater Management
Ordinance #242-11-22 - Bushkill Creek Stormwater Management
Ordinance #241-10-22 - Building and Facility Use
Ordinance #240-06-22 - Mikron Road Stop Signs, Speed Limit and Parking Regulations
Ordinance #239-10-21 – EAJSA Rules and Regs
Ordinance #238-05-21 – Snow Removal
Ordinance #234-08-19 – Earned Income Tax for Open Space Funding
Ordinance #233-04-19 – Stop Sign Ordinance Amendment
Ordinance #233-02-19 – No Parking Ordinance
Ordinance #232-02-19 – Open Space Referendum
Ordinance #231-01-19 – Fireworks Regulations
Ordinance #229-10-18 – Monocacy Creek Watershed Act 167 Stormwater Management
Ordinance #226-07-18 Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement
Ordinance #225-04-18 Lower Nazareth & Hanover CRPD Agreement
Ordinance #224-04-18 Bath Withdrawal Settlement
Ordinance #223-02-18 Tax Collector Fees
Ordinance #222-02-18 Recycling Ordinance Update
Ordinance #218-04-16 Uniform Traffic Regulations
Ordinance #216-10-15 Intergovernmental Agreement LNT & HT Sanitary Sewer
Ordinance #215-03-15 City of Bethlehem & Lower Nazareth Township Sewer Agreement
Ordinance #214-03-15 Repeal of Township Firearms Ordinances
Ordinance #205-10-11 Re-enacting Earned Income Tax
Ordinance #204-07-11 Real Estate Tax Certification Fee
Ordinance #203-06-11 EAJSA Pretreatment Policy Amendment
Ordinance #200-03-10 Amended Stop Sign Ordinance
Ordinance #199-01-10 Hanoverville Road Vacation
Ordinance #198-01-10 Mandatory Recycling Ordinance – updated Ord 222-02-18
Ordinance #196-11-09 Sidewalk Maintenance
Ordinance #161-04-03 Traffic Impact Fee
Ordinance #135-09-98 Animal Control
Permit Forms & Applications
2023 Fee Schedule
Alarm Permit Application
Alarm Permit Ordinance
Building, Zoning & Grading Permit Application - 2023
Burning Permit Application
Burn Ordinance
Demolition Permit Guidelines
Demolition Permit Application
Driveway Permit Application
Driveway SALDO Excerpt
Escrow Agreement Package – updated 2023
Home Office / Home Occupation Application
Hot Tub-Spa Submission Package-2023
Masonry Mailbox Package
Moving Record
Nazareth Area Council of Governments (NACOG) UCC Board of Appeals Application
PA DEP On Lot Sewage System Instructions
PA DEP On Lot Sewage System Application
Peddler’s Permit Application
Peddler’s License Ordinance
Rental Disclosure Ordinance – Residential #190-08-07
Rental Disclosure Semi-Annual Filing Form
Residential Addition Submission Checklist - 2023
Septic Application Procedures for Residents 2023
Single Family Dwelling Submission Checklist (approved prior to 2014)
Single Family Dwelling Submission Checklist (approved after 2014)
Sign Permit Application w/ Digital Sign Requirements
Swimming Pool – Above Ground Submission Package - 2023
Swimming Pool – In Ground Submission Package - 2023
2015 Pool & Spa Code – Chapter 3 General Compliance
2015 Pool & Spa Code – Chapter 7 On Ground-Above Ground Pools
2015 Pool & Spa Code – Chapter 8 In Ground Pools
2015 Pool & Spa Code – Chapter 9 Spas
PA UCC Plan Review Checklist
Worker’s Compensation Waiver - 2023

Miscellaneous Documentation

Article 14, Section 1409, Non-Conformities
Article 14, Section 1410, Temporary Structure or Use
Article 15, Section 1503, Accessory Structure
Article 15, Section 1503, Fences & Walls Zoning Ordinance Excerpt
Grading Plan Requirements
Insurance Requirements for Pre-Con
Mailbox Installation Guidelines
PA Code 025_0073 On Lot Sewage Disposal

Subdivision and Land Development

Subdivision & Land Development Application
Time Extension Letter – example
Waiver Request

Zoning Appeals

Conditional Use Application
Zoning Appeal Application
Zoning Appeal Procedures
Summer Park Program

2023 SUMMER PARK PROGRAM - Registration is OPEN until we reach 100 participants




If registering only one child:

If registering two or more children:


Applications are currently being accepted for Leaders for this year’s program. Interested parties must be at least 18 years old or entering their senior year in high school. Responsibilities include keeping children active and engaging them in fun and challenging activities while maintaining a safe environment


    Applications are also available at the Township Office, 623 Municipal Drive. All applicants are subject to background clearances per PA State Law (Act 153 of 2014 & Act 15 of 2015).



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