Lower Nazareth Township is a great place to live, work & play.

Municipal Building - Lower Nazareth TownshipGently nestled in rich Eastern Pennsylvania farmland, it was originally part of the “Walking Purchase” of 1737. Purchased from William Penn, this area was originally known as “The Drylands”. This 83 hundred-acre section was once thought to be doomed and was termed, “Barren”. There was very little forest land as the Indians had burned all of the vegetation to drive the game into the open to hunt. This “Barren” appearance of the area gave rise to the popular superstition that no crops could be grown in this region as it was too “dry”. Early residents held a rich religious heritage and named Lower Nazareth Township after the biblical town of Nazareth. In 1740 it was written, “The surface of the township is level; the soil limestone, and well improved by judicious course of crops, and careful culture, and very productive”. In 1807, Lower Nazareth was created.

Lower Nazareth has experienced slow, controlled growth and established itself as a community of the 21st Century.