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The Lower Nazareth Township Public Works Department strives to maintain safe and clean parks, streets and open spaces. The Department is responsible for street paving, park maintenance, leaf collection, snow removal, street cleaning and the yard waste recycling program.

Lower Nazareth Public WorksThe Department currently has a full time staff of six (6) with two (2) seasonal staff people.

There are 55.8 miles of roads in Lower Nazareth Township. The Township is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of 41.5 of those miles with the remainder being State roads. In addition, the township also owns and maintains 15 traffic signals. The signals are under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The Department makes every effort to provide top quality, professional, effective, and timely services to residents and businesses. We do this by focusing on teamwork and cultivating a good relationship with our constituents, thus improving our image and maintaining the community’s trust. The Department is dedicated to providing a safe, cost-effective roadway system, including all related structures and facilities that improve the quality of life for the residents and visitors of the township.

The Department cleans, inspects, paves, repairs and manages snow and ice removal on Township roadways. They also address storm water runoff by repairing, cleaning and installing catch basins and drainpipes.

We are committed to the further enhancement and safe-guarding of our township roads and facilities.

Long range goals and objectives

  • To implement a rehabilitation program of various roadways throughout the Township. Included in this program and of high priority are roads in some of our older subdivisions. These roads were constructed many years ago and have outlived their useful life. Although various preventative maintenance techniques were utilized on these roads, their ultimate demise could not be prevented.
  • This program will span approximately 5 years. We will be attempting to have the work performed in a logical manner, rehabilitating the worst roads first.road project 2009
  • To enhance our roadside brush and tree trimming maintenance program for all right-of-ways on all Township roads. By doing this, our roadways will be safer to travel and help with costs of overtime.
  • Continue the preventative road maintenance program that is currently in place.
  • Continue to keep up with our 10-year vehicle maintenance and replacement program.


Contact Information

You can reach the Public Works Department by dialing 610-759-7434 or by email at Please include your name, address and phone number in all correspondence.

Address: Lower Nazareth Township, Public Works Department, 623 Municipal Drive, Nazareth, PA 18064


MS4 Program

MS4 Program Information

Stormwater Management

Understanding the MS4 Program

What is the MS4 Program? Municipalities throughout the country are under federal mandate to develop a storm water management program to reduce pollution impacts from stormwater runoff. An MS4 is made up of drainage systems including streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ponds, ditches, man– made channels and storm pipes owned by a state, county, city, town, township, borough or other public entity. Polluted runoff is often transported through municipal drainage systems until it eventually discharges into streams, lakes, and rivers used for swimming, fishing and providing drinking water. This water is not treated or cleaned in any way and does not go to a wastewater treatment plant. If you like to fish, swim or boat, pollutants will affect you.

MS4 programs are intended to improve our nation’s surface waters by reducing the quantities of pollutants that are picked up by runoff and transported into the storm sewer systems during rainfall events. As part of the MS4 Program, municipalities hold a permit to discharge storm water into local waterways. Lower Nazareth Township was issued a MS4 permit through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. This permit requires Lower Nazareth Township to implement and maintain a storm water management program that (1) reduces the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent possible; (2) protects water quality; and (3) satisfies the water quality requirements of the Federal Clean Water Act.

The MS4 program has (6) elements termed “Minimum Control Measures” that when implemented should result in significant reduction in pollutants discharged into receiving waters. The (6) minimum control measures include the following:
MS4 Program

  1. Public education and Outreach
  2. Public Participation and Involvement
  3. Illicit Discharge detection and Elimination
  4. Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control
  5. Post Construction Stormwater Management (New and Development and redevelopment)
  6. Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping – YOU CAN HELP!!

While this may seem like a daunting task, every little bit helps. On a daily basis we can all do our share. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Never dump anything into storm drains, swales, or streams.
  • Instead of hosing your car off in your driveway, use a commercial car wash.
  • Check your car, boat, motorcycle and other machinery & equipment for leaks and spills. Clean up spilled fluids with an absorbent material like kitty litter or sand, & don’t rinse the spills into a nearby storm drain.
  • Use a salt – free deicer instead of rock salt.
  • Recycle motor oil, paint and other hazardous chemicals. Never dump such materials down the drain or into the storm system. Properly dispose of excess paints and chemicals through a hazardous waste program.
  • Use fertilizers properly and efficiently to prevent excess runoff. Do not fertilize or use pesticides within 15 to 20 feet of a stream. Keeping this distance will help keep chemicals out of waterways.
  • Set your mower height to 3” or higher. Taller grass slows the runoff and produces a deeper and denser root system, which absorbs more water and prevents erosion. Deeper roots also reduce the need for watering during droughts and suppress weeds from growing up around them.
  • Store gasoline, oil and other chemical materials indoors.
  • Always pick up your pet’s waste so harmful bacteria can’t get into our water!
  • Have your septic system inspected by a professional at least every 3 years, & have the septic tank pumped as necessary.
  • Drain you swimming pool only when a test kit does not detect chlorine levels.

Lower Nazareth Township is actively involved in a variety of programs and initiatives to meet various statewide and national goals for clean water, but township residents have a role to play as well. Working together, we will have a positive impact on our water system and our environment and the water that we all need. Keep your eyes out for more information in future newsletters, on our website, and public meetings as we continue to work our way toward developing a program to keep pollution out of our waterways.

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Resident Notification Letter

Resident Notification Flyer

8/13/20 – Paving will continue into next week.  Weather pending, we are hopeful to conclude paving by Friday 8/21

8/10/20 – Paving begins this week.

8/3/20 – Paving work is scheduled to take place the week of 8/10/20 and as long as the weather cooperates, should conclude by 8/14/20.

7/31/20 – FDR portion is complete.

7/24/20 – In anticipation of beginning this road project the week of 7/27/20, the contractor anticipates some equipment mobilization during the week of July 20th.  Please be cognizant of your surroundings during this time.  Thank you.



Snow removal

Snow Emergency Ordinance #122 makes it unlawful to park, or leave unattended, any vehicle anywhere along a street or highway within the Township; blow or deposit snow in or on any roadway within the Township during a declared Snow Emergency. Although this ordinance applies only during a declared Snow Emergency, the restrictions contained within the ordinance should be adhered to during any winter storm. By doing so, it will allow the Public Works Department to expedite the task of snow removal and therefore, benefit the residents of Lower Nazareth Township.
Lower Nazareth Snow Removal
Look for snow emergency declaration through the following news and weather outlet:

Plowing operations: It is the Township’s policy to first plow the main roads and then the secondary or development roads. This procedure helps to facilitate the flow of higher volumes of traffic and also allows emergency vehicles access to the entire Township as quickly as possible.

Shoveling tips: When clearing your driveway, place the shoveled snow on the side of your driveway opposite the direction of the plow. If possible, try to clear an area next to the road, before your driveway. This will provide an area for the snow from the plow to pile up so it does not fall in your driveway.

Lower Nazareth Snow RemovalSafety tips: Do not allow children to play in or near the streets any time during or after a winter storm. Kids in forts or just standing along the road may not be visible to the plow operator or other vehicles. Also, do not allow anyone to throw snow or other objects at the plows or other vehicles as it may cause an accident.

Save your lawn: In certain areas, primarily curves and areas without mailboxes, it is very difficult for the plow operator to distinguish between the road and lawn areas. We advise residents to place aluminum or fiberglass flexible reflectorized markers (available at your home improvement store) at these prone locations to assist the operator in locating the lawns. This will significantly reduce the damage done to your lawn and the amount of repairs we need to make in the spring.

ATV / snowmobiles: It’s mandatory for all ATV and snowmobile owners to register their vehicles. In addition, both ATV and snowmobile owners must carry liability insurance, except for those used solely on the owner’s property for farming or business use. Please respect your neighbor’s property and only ride on the lands in which you have permission to ride. Keep in mind that ATVs and snowmobiles are noisy and may be disturbing to your neighbors. Please respect those around you and operate these vehicles at reasonable hours.

Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated during the winter weather!

Mailbox damage: It is the Township’s policy to reimburse property owners, up to $25, for mailbox damage only when the mailbox is actually damaged by the plow or truck. No reimbursement will be paid when damage occurs from snow discharge by the plow. We will evaluate each occurrence of mailbox damage individually. Please contact the Township Office if your mailbox is damaged as a result of snow removal operations.

Click here to download Mailbox Damage Request for Reimbursement Form