Route 191/ Nazareth Pike at Newburg Road & Route 946/Daniels Road
Intersections Improvement Project

The Board is excited as this project continues to move forward as the widening and improvement of these intersections have been necessary for a long time!

At the Board of Supervisors meeting on April 10th, PennDOT gave a presentation on the project and was available for questions and comments. 

Below is a copy of the presentation. You will be able to enlarge plans for better viewing. 

A full-size copy of the plan is available at the Municipal Office in our lobby during office hours Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm.

Nazareth Pike Intersection Improvements 1

*** This is a PRELIMINARY DESIGN &  subject to change prior to FINAL DESIGN***

Click the button below to go to PennDOT’s project page for more information including the project plan, project location map, and the public comment form.

Project Timeline

*** All schedules are subject to change ***

Nazareth Pike Intersection Improvements 2

Public Comments

Nazareth Pike Intersection Improvements 3

Construction Updates

Will be posted when available

Nazareth Pike Intersection Improvements 4