Lower Nazareth Township's Online Payment Portal

You can now pay many of your bills fast and conveniently online using your debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) or electronic check (eCheck). 

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1. What can I pay for using my debit/credit card or an Electronic Check (eCheck)?

At this time you can use the Lower Nazareth Township’s Online Payment Portal to pay for the following:


You will be charged a processing and transaction fee to conduct any debit, credit or eCheck payment online. You can avoid paying these additional fees by paying in person with cash or personal check or by mailing a check payment. 

2. Do I have to contact my bank before using an eCheck?

No. An eCheck is a payment drawn electronically from your bank checking account. Using an eCheck does not require a debit or credit card. To use an eCheck you will be asked for both your routing number and your account number. This information can be most easily obtained from bottom of your paper checks, or you can contact your financial institution for the numbers (some list routing numbers on their website). The numbers are never stored by the Township or the payment processing vendor after the transaction is complete.

3. How are fees calculated?

Debit/Credit payments - 

  • Online transaction fees: $1.75 per item
  • Credit card processing fees: 2.99% (previously 2.79%)
  • Minimum credit card fee & flat ACH fees: $2.50
  • E-Check payments: $1.50 per payment

These fees are collected by the payment processing vendor and no portion of these fees are funded to the Township.

4. How secure is my payment and personal information?

Payments are processed through a secured site which uses 2048 bit SSL encryption. Only the payment confirmation is provided to the Township. Sensitive credit card and related information are not stored by the Township or the payment processing vendor after the transaction is complete.

5. How soon will my payment be posted?

Your financial institution will deduct the payment immediately; however the transaction may take 2 to 3 days to clear and to be posted to the Township's records.

6. If I have a returned check, can I use ny credit card to repay the returned check transaction?

A replacement for a returned check must be made with certified funds (bank check or cash) payable in the office where the original transaction took place.

7. How do the processing and transaction fees show on my debit/credit card statement?

Your financial institution’s statement will show one payment for the Township's amount and one payment to EB2Gov for the processing and transaction fees.

8. Will the Township offer payments via the telephone?

Not at this time.

9. How do I get to Lower Nazareth Township's online payment portal?

Please visit our Online Payments page for details about making an online payment.


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