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Lower Nazareth Township was incorporated in 1807. The Township is defined as a Second Class Township, governed by a Board of five elected Supervisors in accordance with the Pennsylvania Second Class Township Code, enacted in 1933. Townships governed by elected Boards of Supervisors are the most common form of municipal government in Pennsylvania. Townships were the original governmental subdivisions of counties in Pennsylvania. Local governing bodies like Lower Nazareth Township may only function within the frame work established by the state legislature.


Lower Nazareth Township

Townships provide important community services which are generally unsuited to private enterprise.

Lower Nazareth Township maintains local roads and has the ultimate responsibility for public safety, including:

  • Police
  • Firefighting
  • Emergency management

Township programs and services include:

  • Recreation
  • Zoning and building code regulations
  • Land use planning.


The Board of Supervisors plays the central role in township government. The Board serves as the legislative body of the township, setting policy, enacting ordinances and resolutions, adopting budgets, and levying taxes. Other functions such as formulating the budget, enforcing ordinances, approving expenditures, and personnel matters are delegated by the Board of Supervisors to the Township Manager.

The Board of Supervisors also performs activities such as forming boards and commissions, processing subdivisions and land development applications in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Lower Nazareth Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, and Lower Nazareth Township Zoning Ordinance.

The only two (2) mandatory township appointed offices per the Second Class Code are the secretary and the treasurer. The secretary and treasurer may be appointed from the members of the Board of Supervisors, may be an outside individual or, in the case of treasurer, may be a financial institution. Other appointed positions, other than administrative positions, include the township solicitor and township engineer. The solicitor provides oversight of the legal matters of the township including bonds, real estate transactions, review and preparation of ordinances and actions in court. The Township Engineer reviews and provides comments on subdivision and land development projects before the Board of Supervisors. In addition, the engineer is involved with the preparation of plans and specifications for Township public works programs including transportation, parks & recreation, and physical plant projects.

Municipal Profile

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Square mileage:
Road mileage:
5,674 (2010 Census)
44.96 (Township)
14.34 (State)

Source: Lehigh Valley Planning Commission Municipal Profiles – 2012

Voter Information

Voting District Map

Lower Nazareth Township has the following designated polling locations:

District #1 – West of Routes 946 and 191 – Dryland United Church of Christ, 4415 Newburg Rd.

District #2 – East of Routes 946 and 191 – Lower Nazareth Township Building, 306 Butztown Rd.

Please remember, if you are voting for the first time, you will need to provide proof of identification to elections officials.

2020 Election Dates

Primary Election day is April 28, 2020
General Election day is November 3, 2020

Voter registration forms and more information on voting in Northampton County can be acquired by contacting the Northampton County Department of Voter Registration and Elections at 610-559-3055 or by visiting the following website: